The Macks look down at the camera by Ian Enter

Third Album “Rabbit” Releases Fresh Take on Rock and Roll

Like every young band establishing their sound and presence through shows and touring, the 2020 pandemic turned music on its head. For The Macks, this time of isolation forced the band to redefine the way they interacted with music.

Freshly laid off and living all under one roof in a creaky messy home, the band played and wrote for hours every day, searching for inspiration in places they haven’t looked before.

While 2017’s Camp Poppa and 2019’s Yup document the lively garage rock energy of a show, 2022’s Rabbit wasn’t made for anyone but themselves. The result is adventurous and eclectic, containing the band’s most infectious hooks, jarring rhythms, and creative presentation to date.

Produced and put to tape in Denver by Nate Cook and The Yawpers, Rabbit adds an entire new spectrum to The Macks’ sound. And despite the nature of the record’s inception, the feelings of frustration, apathy, and hopefulness are resonating and fueling shows as the world opens up for live music again.

With a lineup that’s delivering the most creative music for the band to date, The Macks are coming at music from a fresh angle. Willamette Week has dubbed The Macks “the masters of controlled mayhem” and Portland’s Best New Band of 2022.

The Macks began in 2015 with Sam Fulwiler (vocals) and brothers Ben Windheim (guitar) and Josef Windheim (drums). Jacob Michael Perris (keys) joined the band in 2020 to create and record Rabbit. In 2021 Aidan Harrison (bass) began touring and recording with The Macks.

The Macks original cast
Original cast of The Macks: Ben Windheim, Sam Fulwiler, and Josef Windheim