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The MACKS are a KNIFE 5.17.24

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the album’s opener “Just Surfaced” is a non-stop movement of sight and sound. There’s a reason vocalist Sam Fulwiler fronts this band and surely the reason lies here. His words wrap around guitars and they both flow seamlessly. He barely stops to catch his breath when the band launches into the chorus, and it seems as if it’s constantly! But it’s the backbone here of Aidan Harrison’s bass and Josef Windheim’s drums that don’t cease to amaze as guitars paint colorful chords & notes around the canvas here. Phew! I hit this motherfucker on repeat!

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The Macks have shared two previews of The Macks Are A Knife. First came the album’s lead single “Nice,” a twitchingly catchy rumbler that will have fans howling and thundering along to Fulwiler’s ecstatic cries. They followed it up with “Family Ties,” a rip-roaring thrill ride through the ups and downs, scraps and bruises, that come with running the gauntlet of one’s relations. It’s looking more and more likely that this next album is going to be another volatile ignition from these worshippers of live-wire rock.

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Sam Fulwiler, Dina, and Jake Perris model new The Mack's tees.

The album teeters on the edge of a rhythmic and melodic cliff, does a couple backflips at the precipice, and lands safely on two feet, ready for applause. It’s brimming with confidence without pretense, and if their first single they dropped yesterday, Nice, is any indication, I think those hungry for some Rock that pushes boundaries in just the right way will be satisfied.

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[The Macks] was one of the best local live shows I saw all last year. The energy of it really stuck with me…my mind was blown.

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At a time when pop and hip-hop have squeezed rock bands all but out of the mainstream consciousness, The Macks' sound is a throwback blend of heavy blues, classic swagger, angular indie rock and propulsive punk spirit.

Think the Rolling Stones, White Stripes, MC5 and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and you're in the right musical ballpark. (And that's a really nice ballpark.)

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