Blue painted logo for The Macks

Dajiban Butterfly dragon gold

The Macks' Very Sharp Tour

CA NV TX CO UT ID 2/27-3/25

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[The Macks] was one of the best local live shows I saw all last year. The energy of it really stuck with me…my mind was blown.

101.9 KINK Portland, OR

At a time when pop and hip-hop have squeezed rock bands all but out of the mainstream consciousness, The Macks' sound is a throwback blend of heavy blues, classic swagger, angular indie rock and propulsive punk spirit.

Think the Rolling Stones, White Stripes, MC5 and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and you're in the right musical ballpark. (And that's a really nice ballpark.)

Abstract painted face with a finger flicking the eyeball into the air as the main symbol for The Macks "Rabbit" album cover