Blue painted logo for The Macks

The Macks Rabbit Art Blue face white background
The Macks Rabbit album art pink face
Sam Fulwiler The Macks at Treefort
The Macks Joe drums by Ian Enger
The Macks Ben at house show
The Macks Aidan Harris by Harper King
The Macks post show
The Macks Jake Perris by Ian Enger

The Macks on Tour

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Lockdown 2020 led to the loss of precious rehearsal time for countless rock bands, but The Macks had the advantage of living together, getting tighter and tighter in order to record their third album, Rabbit. Ben Windhem’s spurts of guitar scatter pell-mell across the music, and though Sam Fulwiler’s sharp tenor takes some getting used to, he’s a commanding and charismatic frontman. He struts the stage with abandon, with no commitment to playing an instrument; his antics aren’t to be missed...

Willamette Week Portland, OR
Abstract painted face with a finger flicking the eyeball into the air as the main symbol for The Macks "Rabbit" album cover