Cover art for The Macks are a Knife album, the fifth LP from The Macks in Portland, Oregon


1. I Just Surfaced 04:09 2. Nice 03:07 3. Family Ties 03:59 4. There's No Baby In That Stroller 04:09 5. Steamroller 03:45 6. They Don't Pay 04:50 7. Comfort Flow 03:57 8. Cowboys & Cattlebroads 03:01 9. Can Man 04:45 10. Ranchero 04:06

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The Macks are a Knife becomes the band’s fifth LP and brings with it a whole new station. We see the band as more playful and conversational in the new album, but also tighter and more intentional than ever before. Instead of centering the album on what the Macks are supposed to represent as a rule, TMAAK shows you who the Macks are at their core.

East Portland Blog

Cover art for The Macks "Dajiban" album

DAJIBAN | 2022

1. Intro 00:20. 2. Out There 04:31 3. I Get My Shit Delivered 04:46 4. Bumble Beads 04:43 5. Wet Frog Suit 4 04:38 6. Rubberkneck 02:42 7. Tonsil Hockey (On My Preset) 06:25 8. I See Electrons 03:16 9. Miles (What I Say) 07:48 10. Baby's 1st Love Song 05:24

'Dajiban' was produced by the band in their home studio on a vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder for an analog feel, like capturing chaos at its inception. Elemental rock ‘n’ roll — like the record’s hammering lead single, an ode to pandemic life called “I Get My Shit Delivered” — flourishes in a liminal space between raw creation and perfection.

Eugene Weekly

Cover art for The Macks "Rabbit" album

RABBIT | 2022

1. The Undo Man 03:35 2. Do Snakes Have Brains? 03:31 3. Breakfast (In Bed) 03:16 4. Move On 03:34 5. Morning Ritual 03:51 6. Talk and Talk and Talk 03:43 7. Dripping Off The Lip (The Enema Twist) 03:22 8. Spin My Head Around 02:22 9. Sequel of the Times 07:43 10. Goodbye, Frustration 03:56

The tracks move forward with ease, all following the previous so strongly that they each could’ve made the case to be their own single. “Move On” gives us Stooges in the bass, “Goodbye Frustration” gives us Doors in the keys, but all in all, the album gives us Macks, and that's what it's supposed to do.

Daily Emerald

Cover art for The Macks "Rabbit" album

YUP | 2019

1. Bunny Honey 04:55 2. King Hell Freaks 03:27 3. Sick Exotic Bird Parade 04:03 4. My Release 05:55 5. Boulder 02:57 6. Mr. Phil and The Blank 05:05 7. Just A Drop 03:45 8. I Meant To Ask 03:20 9. The Minimalist/Angel Bait 06:07 10. Tried My Best 04:58

Sonically, The Macks are a beautiful hybrid of The Stooges, Ty Segall and Television. From classic garage jams like “Sick Exotic Bird Parade” to the utter desert heaviness on The Minimalist/Angel Bait, this edgy band absolutely brings the house down. With elements of psychedelia and some thick grooves throughout their impressive repertoire, this show is sure to be a night to remember!

- Siskiyou

Cover art for The Macks "Rabbit" album

Camp Poppa | 2017

1. Freewheelin' 04:46 2. Flowers 03:42 3. Daddy Sugarcane 07:42 4. Ling (You're My Man) 03:50 5. Problems For Me 03:34 6. Temple 04:39 7. Ugly Pills 04:04 8. Asscheeks 03:43 9. Runnin'n'Gunnin' 04:20 10. Joe Frog Jam 06:37

"Camp Poppa,” sets the bar for debut albums from local bands. The Macks’ spirit, enthusiasm and DIY attitude that rises through its music make the album worth the listen.

Daily Emerald

Cover art for The Macks "Happy Camper" EP

Happy Camper EP | 2016

1. Love Inflation 03:56 2. Buffalo 03:54 3. Diana 03:27 4. No Name 03:13 5. Nightcrawler 04:37

With so many bands trying to make it big in the alt-rock world, what sets The Macks apart from anyone else? The hint of blues fused into each song gives an edge over their competitors, and the true creativity and passion that emanates from their EP is hard to find anywhere else.

Northwest Music Scene