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The Macks in Creative Hot Spot with ‘Dajiban’

Band Releases Second Album of 2022

“Walloping heaviosity threaded with streams of blues and thrash… doesn’t begin to describe The Macks’ sound. This is music that takes you places.” (WIllamette Week)

The Macks are brothers Josef and Ben Windheim, Sam Fulwiler, Jacob Michael Perris, and Aidan Harrison. In 2022, the band came out with their lockdown project “Rabbit.” Their raw and progressive take on rock and roll launched the band towards festivals and tours from Idaho to Mexico City.

After Willamette Week dubbed The Macks “the masters of controlled mayhem” and Portland’s Best New Band of 2022, the band could have taken a breather. Instead The Macks finished the year with another full-length album release.

Self-produced in their Portland home, “Dajiban” builds on the creative successes of “Rabbit.” The album drives listeners deep into expansive, catchy, gnarly, and unmistakably “Macks” territory. “Dajiban” is “Elemental rock ‘n’ roll” that “flourishes in a liminal space between raw creation and perfection.” (Eugene Weekly)

“The approach of this album was to avoid overdeveloping anything,” says lead guitarist Ben Windheim. “We’re in a creative hot spot. Our group cohesion is at an all-time high. It’s at the point we don’t have to think about the idea a whole lot. If we’re enjoying playing it together, then we can trust that process and see it through.” 

The band’s 2017 “Camp Poppa” and 2019 “Yup” LPs documented their lively shows and garage rock energy. 2022’s “Rabbit” was born in pandemic isolation and made solely for themselves. The result was adventurous and eclectic.

Now The Macks are embracing opportunities to play live again in bigger spaces. With shows at Crystal Ballroom in Portland and the MonkeyBee Festival III in Mexico City the band is focused on meeting the moment.

The Macks began in 2015 with Sam (vocals), Ben (guitar), Josef (drums). Jacob (keys) joined the band in 2020 to create and record Rabbit. In 2021 Aidan (bass) began touring and recording with The Macks.

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The Macks original cast
Original cast of The Macks: Ben Windheim, Sam Fulwiler, and Josef Windheim