The Macks are a young 4-piece garage rock and roll band from Portland, OR.  The Macks play fast, The Macks play loud, and The Macks will get you moving one way or another. Featuring vocalist Sam Fulwiler, guitarist Ben Windheim, drummer Joe Windheim, and bassist Bailey Sauls, the band offers kinetic, passionate, and impossible-to-predict live shows that appeal to everyone from punks to blues enthusiasts. The music ranges from sinister to sarcastic, playing off of the angsty vocals and the rowdy blues guitar. Anything is on the table at a show, including but not limited to: stage dives, public displays of affection, youthful exuberance, partial nudity, and whomping solos. The Macks play frequently in Portland, Eugene, and Corvallis, and have developed supportive and dedicated followings in all three cities, taking an active role in each music scene. The band boasts a DIY ethic, producing all music, videos, merchandise, and art themselves, as well as building many of their own shows, whether it be a benefit show for the Portland homeless community or house shows supporting touring artists.

Since their debut EP “Happy Camper”, released August 2016, the band has been hard at work building their presence, completing their first Northwest tour, and recording their debut album “Camp Poppa”, slated for release with an accompanying Southwest tour late 2017. The band is expecting a prolific 2017 and 2018, striving for onward and upward.

For fans of: Led Zeppelin, Ty Segall, Cage The Elephant, White Stripes

“I can’t tell if you’re a wet dream or a nightmare” – fan in Corvallis

“Rowdy guitar solos, long instrumental interludes, and intelligent lyrics…. this Portland four-piece’s newest release is a golden addition to the flourishing community of up and coming alternative rock.” – Northwest Music Scene

“Frantic and energetic vocals roar out over the bizarre riffs and steady drum work, the guitar and bass flow together well and create a catchy set of riffs that remind me of old school Primus (and that is never a bad thing).” – 24Our Music

“It reminds me of all of my teenage angst I had. I feel young again!” – fan in Portland

The Macks rock band chilling on streets of Corvallis after release of Happy Camper EP

The Macks playing live rock music at Ash Street Saloon, Portland

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