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Where “Yup” preserves an iconic flow in the band’s rock-rooted style, there’s an obvious ascendance, an evolved musical dynamic. “Yup” stretches the band’s extremities, swimming in new musical waters without the risk of restraint.
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“Camp Poppa” sounds familiar to anyone who has seen the band perform live, but mastered recordings of the band’s music provide an entertaining experience to fans and first-time listeners alike. The Macks’ stage presence easily transcends into its recorded music….. The band has clear influences from musicians like Cage the Elephant, The Black Keys and even Led Zeppelin, but at no point during “Camp Poppa,” does any part of its music feel borrowed.
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Their angsty attitude is masterfully translated from the vibes of a house show into a recorded album. Even though you’re just hearing their songs, the imagery of what you know their performances are like immediately comes to mind. If you haven’t seen them live before, 1) you should change that and 2) the sound of this album alone is one that can paint you a pretty picture of what that show is.
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Rowdy guitar solos, long instrumental interludes, and intelligent lyrics: all of the above and more can be found in The Macks’ latest EP, Happy Camper. Released on August 20th, 2016, and mastered by Gus Elg, this Portland four-piece’s newest release is a golden addition to the flourishing community of up and coming alternative rock records in the Pacific Northwest.
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The Macks offer high-energy rock
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The Macks’ Latest EP Offers Best of PDX, Corvallis
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Frantic and energetic vocals roar out over the bizarre riffs and steady drum work, the guitar and bass flow together well and create a catchy set of riffs that remind me of old school Primus (and that is never a bad thing).
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